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Passaic Rubber Company is a full service Roller Covering and Repair shop. Through our experience of nearly 100 years, Passaic Rubber has met the challenge and need for any, and all, of your rubber coverings, grindings, journal repairs and balancing needs.

Our 70,000 Square Ft. facility incorporates over 20 CNC/NC lathes that give us the leading edge over our competition to Get the Job Done! We can Engineer, Design, Fabricate and Repair rollers to meet your individual specifications.

Elastomers Available

·       Natural Rubber ·       Neoprene ·       EPDM & EPDM Blends
·       Silicone & Silicone Blends ·       Nitrile (Buna & NBR) ·       Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
·       Hypalon ·       Fluoroelastomers (Viton) ·       Anti-Static Compounds
·       Conductive Compounds ·       FDA Approved Compounds ·       Acid & Alkaline Resistant Compounds

Grooving Services

·      Flat/Smooth Finish ·      Parabolic Crown ·      Inverse Crown
·      Web Spreader ·      Herringbone ·      Diamond
·      Left Hand Groove ·      Right Hand Groove ·      Lateral Serrations
·      Circumferential Serrations ·      Taper ·      Double Taper
·      Chevron Grooving ·      Drilling ·      Custom Grooving


  • Roll Diameters up to 66″ inches (1,675 mm)
  • Overall Length of 273″ inches (6,929mm) Journal to Journal
  • Precision Roll Grinding Tolerances to within .001”
  • Weight of up to 12,000 Lbs. (5,443 Kg)
  • Concentricity within 0.001″
  • Balancing (Static, Dynamic) upon Request


Cast Film Packaging Coating Non-Wovens
Blown Film Laminating Extruding Paper Mills
Process Rolls Web Spreaders Idler Rolls Printing Rolls
Rubber Covered Rolls Feed Rolls Lay-on Rolls Bagging Rolls
And Many More!


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